Building Communities of Specialist Provision for Children and Young People with SEND - Adults

In March 2017 the Department for Education (DfE) announced that it expected all local authorities to undertake a strategic review of their High Need Strategy, their provision for pupils with SEND.  A proposed Lincolnshire Strategy has been developed by collaborative working between Lincolnshire County Council, schools, the health service and the Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum.  This consultation gives parent/carers, schools and pupils opportunities to give their views about the proposed strategy, share any concerns and make suggestions.  All consultation responses will be analysed and fully taken into account as the strategy is developed. There are different ways to contribute to this consultation, including meetings, and these are set out in the information letter.
This consultation will be open from Monday 8th January 2018 until Wednesday March 14th 2018. Please refer to the summary information before you respond.  You can also get more detailed information at or by asking the head teacher at your child's school for the paper version. If you have any queries about this consultation, please contact the head teacher at your child's school.
 Please tell us which of these statements best describes how you are responding to this consultation. Select one only:
We would like to understand your views about the key points of the proposed strategy.  Please tell us how much you agree or disagree with the following statements.  There is a rating scale against each statement (where a happy face means you agree and a sad face means you disagree) and space to tell us more about what you think.  There are a couple of questions at the end.  Your responses will be kept completely confidential and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Our aim is to not be intrusive and we will not ask irrelevant or unnecessary questions.
Thank you for taking part in this consultation.   All consultation responses will be analysed and fully taken into account as the strategy is developed.  You can find out more information from your school or at the web page
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